i love you forever.
please just keep your negative comments about me to yourself, and remember i still love you regardless if you hate me. ps. i lovelovelove prompts! <3

'ello, i'm rissa. i reblog things that mean the most to me, i basically am a liam girl but i'm in love with zayn malik, i also i ship ziam pretty damn hard i need ziam to breathe and i like to write a lot if it too even if sometimes i think it sucks. my fans are the reason i still write. oh and i want to live in england. the end. my dream came true and i met one direction 7/6/13

you can read all my ziam fanfic here

read more about me here. i'm a walking contradiction.

i have to talk about this, before the ass slap we can find > here < it just makes me wonder why zayn was initially going to liam to do what he is doing. he is literally just going to touch him again. as i discussed HERE <—- in my other post. I SWEAR ZAYN. I FEEL YOU. I UNDERSTAND. you just love to feel liam underneath your fingertips for as long as you can no matter what. you don’t care who is looking because you sometimes forget that you are in front of people!

Posted: Wednesday 17th April at 10:34pm
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